Brooches, badges, books and creatures - felt is such an adaptable medium, the possibilities are endless!


Brooches and Badges



Little Black Books

A6 lined black notebook with embroidered  motif

Other motifs include:

  • Bedside book for middle of the night flashes of inspiration
  • My little book of lists
  • Grandma's little book of lists
  • If I write it down I might just remember it
  • Book of happy thoughts
  • Plans for world domination
  • Notes (with musical note illustration)

If you can't find the right caption, let me know

-commissions are welcome!

£10.00 each(free UK postage)



Standing approximately 8cm tall  on a wooden base, each animal figurine has its own unique character and expression. 

Please note that these collectible creatures are not suitable for small children.