About me - influences and inspirations


After a degree in Philosophy and a career as a languages teacher, in 2008 I gave in to my life-long addiction to felt. What had started a few years earlier by selling to friends expanded steadily into my job, selling first at craft fairs around Yorkshire (where I am based) and then in shops and galleries; after all, if I didn't sell the things that I made, my house would soon burst!


I am inspired in my work by trees, words, my love of art, my family, Radio 4 and snippets of other people's conversations. Oh...and chocolate helps! In 2013-14, driven to hone my skills as a feltmaker and focus on design, I attended a City and Guilds Level 3 course in Feltmaking (with ArtyBird Carnforth), at the end of which I received a prestigious City and Guilds Medal For Excellence. Many of the techniques I learned there are reflected in my work.


Some of my products are wet felted, some are needle felted, and some are both. Many products also incorporate other textiles, embroidery (whether by hand or free-motion machine embroidery), and other methods and materials. See the Techniques page for descriptions of these processes.


To me, there are three joys in making felt:

Joy 1: The feel. So much of the success and failure in this medium is in developing a feel for the fibres and how they react and interact.

Joy 2: The colours. Whether dyed or undyed, the hues of felted fibres blend richly with each other.

Joy 3: The unpredictability. It's so good not to be in total control!


My creative drive doesn't seem to rest; if I am awake, I am making things, and in my sleep I am planning what to make next. Throw a little drawing and painting into my life, and no two working days are the same. I inhabit a world which is tactile and full of colour. It is time-consuming, but it is my passion. Besides, my quirky - and philosophical - sense of humour is never far away. I try to appeal to a wide audience through the variety of my creations, but ultimately I do what I do for the pure love of it.